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March 17 2017


in the darkness of the night
your warm words touch Me
dancing in deep within ..
lighting that path as We ..
slowly stroll along ..
soul in soul .. flesh on flesh
I sit on every word ..
imagining your mouth
as I massge your story in My mind ..
when you confess .. I take note .. for you are
not one prone to needless emphasis
I feel like donning sacramental robes
aware .. of it’s import
and after administering absolution ..
We move on as One
do you know I too have sins to confess?
about you
that I seek .. no crave
to leave My mark upon your soul
in colours permenant  .. ..
I pray you safe .. secure
to share your darkness
for I want to revel in that long litany
of how you came to be .. and are
.. My ~home~ ..

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March 02 2017


March 01 2017

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February 26 2017

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